Condar Woodsaver Stovepipe Thermometer

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Condar Woodsaver Stovepipe Thermometer

What Makes it Good?

Saves Money - by helping you save wood, save chimney cleaning due to creosote build-up and extending the life of your equipment.

Conserves fuel and improves environmental air quality - enables you to burn cleanly and most efficiently, extending your wood supply and reducing harmful smoke emissions from smoldering fires.

Improves safety - Lets you know at a glance when the fire is too cool, potentially causing hazardous build up in the chimney.

Invented and Made in USA


Condar Woodsaver Stovepipe Thermometer is an excellent tool for optimizing your wood stove effeciency.

If your fire burns too cool it causes incomplete combustion causing smoke, soot and hazardous creosote.

If your fire burns too hot you are wasting energy, possibly overheating, and could ignite existing chimney deposits.

The Condar Woodsaver Stovepipe Thermometer attaches magnetically to your metal flue pipe, at eye level, and is a great gauge for when it is time to close down the flue or add more wood.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 2-1/2" dia
Width 1/2"
Color Black
Brand Condar Company