Earth Creations Penelope Top, 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton, Clay Dyed

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Earth Creations Penelope Top

What Makes it Good?

Dyed with natural clay earth & sewn in USA of imported hemp & organic cotton blend fabric.

Hemp is one of the oldest and strongest natural fibers. The hemp plant produces at least three times more fiber per acre than cotton plants. Hemp is resistant to insects and therefore no pesticides are needed for cultivation. These, and other attributes, make hemp clothing an excellent eco-friendly choice. Hemp fabric will soften with each wash.

 Organic cotton farming uses 50% less energy than conventional farming methods. 67 million birds are killed each year from the use of pesticides on conventional cotton. Organic cotton is a better choice for the health of future generations. 

Earth Creations' mission is to craft eco-friendly fashion using environmentally sound practices, and proudly support fair labor practices.

Earth Creations Penelope Top. All hem edges & decorative seaming have a serged finish. 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton, Clay Dyed

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Country of Manufacture United States
Brand Earth Creations