Free Range Loofah Pet Toy

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Free Range Loofah Pet Toy

What Makes it Good?

The Loofah belongs to the same family as pumpkin, cucumber and melon. Grown and hand picked by farmers of Paraguay, these toys provide a better life for them than they ever expected, and improves their environment through trees planted with the profits from sales.

Free Range Dog Chews also supports the Bahia Paraiso Preserve, a shelter along the Paraguay River.

Yes, you can play with your vegetables!

Made from the enteriors of USDA Certified Organic Loofah Squash, with all natural fruit and vegetable coloring, these light weight toys are fun for your pet to throw around and attack. Puppies and kittns alike love the texture unique to the Loofah.

Whimsical styles with floppy strings add to the play-time excitement.

Hours of good clean fun and gentle abrasion that cleans their pearly whites!

More Information
Country of Manufacture Paraguay
UPC or Item # 875533000939
Length 4" to 7.5"
Width 2.75" to 4"
Color Multi-colors
Brand Free Range Dog Chews, Inc.