Mad Mats Rugs 4' x 6'

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Mad Mats Rugs 4' x 6'
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Mad Mats Rugs 4' x 6'

What Makes it Good?

Most outdoor plastic mats on the market today are made from a combination of virgin polypropylene (PPL) and polystyrene.

Mad Mats' plastic is completely different. First, the pure polypropylene is recycled from used soda bottles, milk bottles, packing, etc., using only the highest grade of this recycled PPL. Then Mad Mats combines it with state of the art conditioners and U.V. Inhibitors to produce soft, resilent, colorfast threads.

All Mariachi products are produced under fair trade conditions. They do not work with factories that employ children or produce environmentally harmful waste.

Mad Mats Rugs are very popular as porch, pool, patio and deck décor; RV and tent camping, flooring for dog pens at dog shows to keep Fido pristine, indoor children's play areas and much more.

Mad Mats are intricately woven using multi colored threads in much the same fashion as real flat weave wool rugs. The result is a warmth and depth of color usually only available to the interior rug market.

Mad Mats are reversible. Because they are woven the opposite side provides an opposite color design. (See the 4' x 6' "DOTS" design for an example).

Mad Mats breathe! Their soft tubular (think spaghetti) threads don't absorb dirt or stains of any kind. Leaves, debris and food spills are easily rinsed away with a garden hose. They are truly carefree! THIS IS A MAJOR ADVANTGE OF MAD MATS.

They don't trap water so they won't mildew and they won't rot wooden decks. Water goes right through them and evaporates right back out of them.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Brand Mariachi Imports
Size 4' x 6'