Maple Landmark Ornament-Railway Solace

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Maple Landmark Ornament-Railway Solace

What Makes it Good?

Made from sustainable native Rock Maple in Vermont by Maple Landmark

Trees take root by themselves and often sprout too thick for their own long term health. Over time trees are thinned, allowing the healthiest ones to grow. The type of forestry that happens at Maple Landmark is selective harvesting and culling. Tree stands are thinned, providing logs and the opportunity for nearby trees to thrive.

While removing any trees has an impact on the forest and a fully mature forest might be the goal of some, it isn’t necessarily optimum in every respect. A more varied forest (young trees, older trees, gaps in the canopy) is more bio-diverse. New growth in the understory attracts wildlife that would not be found otherwise. It is believed that there is more wildlife now in Vermont than in colonial times.

The Railway Solace Ornament is decorated with a railway theme including engines, passenger cars and cabooses.

Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 0.2" thick and is laser-cut from locally sourced, responsibly harvested maple hardwood.

Hangs with included gold ribbon.

More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 3" dia
Width 0.2"
Color Natural
Brand Maple Landmark