Niagara Conservation Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Niagara Conservation Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

What Makes it Good?

This low-tech, but important, tool helps you monitor your refrigerator, freezer or other cold storage containers, keeping your food fresh longer and save on unnecessary energy costs.

Niagara Conservation Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Thermometer is essential for food safety and maximum long lasting freshness:

  • Thermometer displays true appliance temperature constantly to ensure safe food storage
  • Extreme Temperature Range: Thermometer reads between -18° and +122° degrees Fahrenheit/-30° and +50° degrees Celsius
  • Face shows optimum refrigerator and freezer ranges and danger zone
  • Perfect for any kitchen: Works perfectly in any home or commercial space. This product is perfect for traditional refrigerators, mini fridges, freezers, coolers, or any cooling based food appliance
  • Battery free design: Mechanical thermometer reads instantly and without the need for battery power

Hangs easily on shelf rack or use double faced sticker to adhere to any surface or magnetic sticker to adhere to metal surface.
Dimensions: 2” dia x .25”

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Length 2" dia
Width 1/4"
Color White
Brand Niagara Conservation