Norpro Bubble Popper/Measurer

Norpro Bubble Popper/Measurer

What Makes it Good?

This low-tech tool is very handy for canning your own food, insuring you have healthy, nutritious food for you, your family and friends. It helps to insure proper sealing of your canning jars by eliminating unwanted air and following recommended headspace.

After your food has been packed into your canning jars, unwanted air bubbles must be removed. Even though air bubbles may not be visible, they can be trapped between pieces of food and must be removed to accurately measure the amount of headspace (open space between the food and jar rim) to properly seal your jars. This can be done by placing a nonmetallic spatula inside the jar between the food and the side of the jar, releasing trapped air. 

Norpro's Bubble Popper/Measurer is a flexible tool with 1/4" gradations (from 1/4" to 1") on one end to accurately measure headspace and tapered on the other end to remove trapped air from inside filled jars. Made of plastic to prevent damage to your jars, it is the perfect multi-purpose home canning tool.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Taiwan, Province of China
Length 7-3/4"
Height 1-1/4"
Width 3/16"
Color Green
Brand Norpro