Plan Toys Walk N Roll, age 19 months +

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Plan Toys Walk N Roll, age 19 months +

What Makes it Good?

Made from Reclaimed Organic Rubber Tree Wood & Dyes. The rubber tree produces rubber for about 28 years, then it is typically cut down and burned to make room for new trees. This company salvages the wood and makes beautiful toys. 

Plan Toys Walk N Roll – When the wheel turns, the wooden balls inside hit the panels, creating fun sounds. Encourages physical activity, teaches cause & effect concepts. 

22-1/2" Tall x 7-1/4" Wide x 4" Diameter Wheel

Ages 19 months +

More Information
Country of Manufacture Thailand
UPC or Item # 8854740051370
Length 27.5"
Height 7.25"
Width 6.375"
Color Rainbow
Brand Plan Toys