Tie Dyed Dress by Santa Cruz Hemp

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Tie Dyed Dress by Santa Cruz Hemp 

What Makes it Good?

60% Hemp/40% Recycled Natural Fiber. Hemp is one of the oldest and strongest natural fibers. The hemp plant produces at least three times more fiber per acre than cotton plants. Hemp is resistant to insects and therefore no pesticides are needed for cultivation. These, and other attributes, make hemp clothing an excellent eco-friendly choice. Recycling natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton & wool, to create this hemp/recycled natural fiber blend saves resources and presents a healthy, sturdy product.

One-of-a-kind tie dyed dress by Santa Cruz Hemp, 60% Hemp/40% Recycled Natural Fiber. Dress has spaghetti straps, can be worn alone or over blouse, sweater, sports bra or tank top as weather changes. Dress "Purple/Blue/White" is mid-thigh short dress/long top. All others are mid-calf length.

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Brand Santa Cruz Hemp